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Today, many self-employed operators, small businesses and organisations require specialist equipment and the latest technology to operate efficiently and to effectively compete in the marketplace.

While this equipment can be expensive to purchase upfront, it often depreciates in value quickly and becomes obsolete in just a few years.

Therefore, using your own capital or borrowed money to purchase expensive equipment that quickly loses value or requires regular upgrading may not be the most cost-effective option for your business.

Instead, renting the equipment you need to run your business could offer a smart alternative. By renting, you make fixed tax deductible repayments for a specified term. Then, at the end of the term you choose to either return the equipment with no more to pay, continue renting or buy the equipment at its market value at that time.

Westlawn Rental Finance

With Westlawn Rental Finance, you can always stay up to date with the latest equipment and technology including:

    • Office equipment such as computers, communications technology and printers
    • Catering equipment
    • Medical and dental equipment
    • Manufacturing equipment, and
    • Computerised equipment.

Why choose Westlawn Rental Finance?

With access to major commercial lenders as well as our own finance options, Westlawn offers choice and flexibility so you receive the right finance to suit your needs.

For your business, the benefits of Westlawn Rental Finance include:

    • Fixed rental payments
    • Flexible terms of up to 5 years
    • Fast approvals[1]
    • Equipment is off-balance sheet for accounting purposes
    • Rental payments are tax deductible, and
    • Your capital is available for other business purposes.

To find out how Westlawn can assist with Rental Equipment finance, contact a Westlawn Business Finance Specialist call us today on 1300 WESTLAWN (1300 937 852).

18 June 2014

[1] For ABN holders (at least  2 years) meeting minimum requirements. Ask for details.

Applications are subject to normal credit approval. Fees and charges apply.

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