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Congratulations to Leanne on her remarkable 20-year journey with Westlawn! Over the years, she has witnessed significant milestones and played an important role in supporting Westlawn’s growth. From the early days to the present, Leanne has been a constant presence, contributing to the Westlawn community.

When asked about what sets Westlawn Finance apart in the industry, Leanne emphasised the personalised and friendly service that the company prides itself on. She highlighted the importance of being small and local, engaging with the community, and building meaningful relationships.

Leanne’s belief in the power of genuine connections and the value of speaking to real people.

Throughout her 20 years, Leanne has found inspiration and support from her colleagues, who are more than just colleagues – they are friends. Having a supportive network in the workplace has been invaluable to her, motivating her to be the best version of herself.

When reflecting on her accomplishments, Leanne takes pride in the diverse range of skills she has acquired over the years. Her dedication to continuous learning and growth has allowed her to contribute across various areas of the business. 

Amidst the years of hard work, Leanne has also enjoyed some memorable moments and experiences. Celebrating many years at the Westlawn Black and Gold Grafton Cups and the excitement of the dress-ups and performances at the Jacaranda Festival.  Leanne’s favourites being “Jaca Saloon Bar” and in 2009 to the “Best of Britain” in 2012.

As we celebrate Leanne’s 20-year anniversary, we extend our congratulations for her dedication, expertise, and commitment to Westlawn. Her genuine care for clients, her passion for the local community, and her invaluable contributions. Leanne’s journey is a reflection of the values that Westlawn upholds, and her support has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on colleagues and clients alike.

Here’s to Leanne, an exceptional team member and friend.

May the next chapter of her career be filled with continued growth, fulfillment, and countless more memorable moments.

Cheers to 20 years of success and many more to come!

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