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Tailored insurance packages for your business

At Westlawn, our experienced Insurance Brokers can help protect your business with competitive business insurance from a wide selection of leading Australian and international insurance providers.

Tailored business insurance packages

Plant & Equipment

Your plant and equipment not only represents a significant investment in your business, it also provides the income your business needs to survive. If you suffered damage or loss, having the right plant and equipment insurance could make all the difference to your business.


Keeping your business vehicles and trucks on the road is vital for your business. Our Insurance Brokers can insure your fleet with tailored business vehicle and truck insurance to cover most vehicles.

Commercial property & business contents

Whether you run your business from commercial premises you own, lease premises from which you operate your business, or you’re a commercial property landlord, you need to protect your investment with commercial property insurance.

Your Westlawn Insurance Broker can help you protect your business premises and contents with a tailored commercial property insurance solution.


Running a rural enterprise is especially unpredictable due to factors such as weather, commodity market volatility and even outbreaks of disease. Protecting your business against financial loss can be complex. Choosing the right farm insurance solutions requires specialist advice.

Westlawn Insurance Brokers have been helping local farmers and primary producers protect their businesses for many years. We understand the unique needs of local rural enterprises. Whether you run a small farm or you’re a major primary producer, we can tailor a rural insurance package to protect your business.


Businesses operating in the marine industry face unique challenges from an unpredictable environment. Storms and floods, for example, can have a significant impact on the profitability or viability of your business. Therefore, it’s essential to have the right marine insurance for your business.


Whether you’re a sole operator providing trade services, a small business selling a niche product, a professional providing advice, or a large company supplying consumer goods to a mass market, you could be subject to expensive litigation at any time.

With litigation increasing in today’s business environment, it’s important to be fully protected from any expensive court action and compensation.


How would your business cope if you were unable to operate for an extended period due to damage caused by flooding, fire, storms or other natural disaster? Business interruption insurance can provide a safeguard against the unexpected loss of profits as you rebuild your business in the months or even years to come.

Business interruption insurance can help ensure your business survives the difficult times by meeting regular business expenses, including staff salaries and redundancy payments, and restoring profits to what they were prior to the interruption occurring.


If you were unable to operate your business due to illness or injury, how would you keep paying the bills to keep your business afloat? If you’re self employed or run a small business, Business Expenses insurance pays certain business expenses for up to 12 months while you’re unable to operate your business due to illness or injury. Business Expenses insurance is available through our Personal Insurance Specialist.

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With Westlawn Premium Funding, you can spread your annual business insurance premiums over manageable monthly instalments.

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