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Save & invest today to build wealth for tomorrow

Building wealth begins with having the right financial plan in place to save for the things you want and to grow your assets over time while still enjoying the lifestyle you love. For financial advice on investments, superannuation and pensions, retirement planning, life insurance in Grafton and the Northern Rivers, moving into aged care and estate planning, talk to a Westlawn Financial Adviser today.

Investing to build wealth

Investing can help you build wealth over the medium to longer term.

Investment markets experience ups and downs. While you can’t eliminate all investment risk, you can reduce the risks of market volatility and reduce any potential losses on your investments over the longer term … with the right financial advice.

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Planning for retirement

You work hard for many years so you can enjoy your lifestyle in retirement.

A Westlawn Financial Adviser provides financial advice to help you retire sooner, make the most of your hard work and ensure your savings are invested to help you achieve the lifestyle you want to enjoy in retirement.

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Estate planning to pass your assets onto future generations

You’ve worked hard to build wealth over the years. Passing on your wealth to future generations should be an integral part of your financial plan.

Effective estate planning involves much more than simply having a current Will in place. With the right financial advice, you can pass your assets onto your loved ones in the right manner and at the right time.

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Set your financial goals & achieve them

Feel more in control of your finances

Make the most of your money

Maximise any government assistance entitlements

Protect your assets for future generations

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Talk to a Westlawn Financial Adviser

A qualified Westlawn Financial Adviser can meet with you to discuss your financial circumstances and together identify where you are now and where you would like to be.

Your Financial Adviser will collect the necessary financial information from you to build and customise your individual financial plan. Based on the information you provide, your Financial Adviser will determine your financial position and classify your goals. They will then develop personalised strategies to build and enhance your financial future.

Once you’ve established and built a relationship with your Westlawn Financial Adviser you’ll continue to enjoy their full support and assistance. Your financial objectives, goals and needs will be revised periodically to maximise the success of your financial wellbeing.

When meeting with a Westlawn Financial Adviser for the first time, you’ll need to bring certain information about your current finances with you.

Details of any Personal Loans

Latest copies of existing loan statements.


Suitable Identification such as your current driver licence


Latest statements for any investments such as managed funds and term deposits. List of any direct share investments and the number of shares held.

Superannuation funds

Latest statements for your superannuation fund/s.


Latest bank account, mortgage and credit card statements.

Insurance policies

Copies of insurance policies.

Tax returns

Latest tax return.

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