5 reasons to talk to an Insurance Broker before buying insurance

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Whether you need insurance cover for your vehicles, home, farm or business, it may be tempting to seek out the cheapest insurance policy available online or over the phone.

After all, insurance is insurance, right?

As long as you have a policy, you can relax with the peace of mind knowing that if something happens, you’re adequately covered and your claim will be processed quickly with a minimum of fuss.

But what happens if your claim is not processed quickly? Or worse still, you find that your budget online or over-the-phone insurance policy doesn’t actually cover you for what you believed.

Who do you turn to for help? The budget insurer’s call centre operator?

Unfortunately, what at first may seem like the cheapest insurance option could eventually cost you dearly.

Here are 5 reasons why you should speak to a qualified insurance Broker before choosing your next insurance policy.

1.    Cost 

An Insurance Broker has access to competitive policies from a wide range of insurers and can often source policies not normally available to the general public. They can also negotiate premiums on your behalf. In many cases, by dealing with a broker, you won’t pay any more … but you will receive many additional benefits.

2.    Convenience

When you deal with an Insurance Broker, you are dealing personally with a qualified professional who has your interests at heart rather than a call centre operator trying to sell you a particular insurance policy that may not necessarily suit your needs. Your Insurance Broker can help find the right policy, assist with your application, and if you do need to make a claim, they’ll assist you with that as well.

3.    Fast

While applying for budget insurance online or over the phone may be fast, when it comes to adjusting your policy or making a claim, the story can be very different. Your Insurance Broker can facilitate any change of policy and will help ensure any claims are paid quickly.

4.    Peace of mind

Insurance is all about having peace of mind. Your Insurance broker is qualified, has the knowledge to understand your policy, including the fine print, and can explain it to you in plain language. They’ll ensure you have the coverage you need. Your Insurance Broker is your advocate should you need to make a claim.

5.    Security

At Westlawn, our Insurance Brokers in Ballina are fully qualified and are members of the Steadfast Group, Australia’s largest network of insurance brokers. For you, this means your Insurance Broker has greater bargaining power when negotiating the best possible deal on your behalf from a wide selection of leading Australian and international insurers.

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