Don’t Get Caught Underinsured — Protect Your Business

By Chris Dougherty, General Manager, Westlawn Insurance 30 April 2018 Unfortunately, many businesses these days are underinsured. While insurance premiums add consistent and significant amounts to a business’ costs, there are many more risks to smooth running of business than may be understood. Seek advice from a Westlawn Insurance Broker today.

Signing a new contract? Watch out for these clauses

By Chris Dougherty, Genereal Manager, Westlawn Insurance Indemnity and ‘hold harmless’ clauses are commonly contained in many construction contracts, professional services contracts and supply agreements. Here's how they can affect your business insurance.

Massive cyber-attack is a wake-up call for small business

By Chris Dougherty, General Manager, Westlawn Insurance 29 November 2016 Last month, millions of people across the US and Europe were unable to access popular websites such as Twitter, PayPal, Spotify and Netflix following a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber-attack.