Rules apply for early redemptions from all bank term deposits and fixed-term investments. These rules apply to early redemptions from Westlawn Unsecured Notes. If you wish to redeem funds from your Westlawn Unsecured Notes investment before the maturity date, you will need to give us 31 days’ notice before we can pay you (on the first business day on or after the 31 day period expires). You will need to complete the Application for Early Redemption form available from your Westlawn branch. If there are less than 31 days until the end of the investment term, the earliest we can pay your funds will be at maturity (or the first business day after maturity). Please note this change only affects early redemptions and does not affect redemptions made at maturity. If you wish to redeem funds at maturity, you can advise us at any time up to and including on the maturity date.

Financial hardship

If you are experiencing financial hardship, we may be able to pay funds from your Westlawn Unsecured Notes investment to you without requiring 31 days’ notice. Financial hardship may apply if you experience difficulties coping with financial commitments due to unforeseen circumstances such as:
  • Suffering an illness or injury
  • Unemployment or a reduction in working hours
  • Significant life events such as relationship breakdown or death in the family
  • Sudden changes in income or expenditure, or
  • Emergency or natural disaster.
Please note that the following examples will NOT be considered financial hardship for the purposes of early redemption and will, therefore, require 31 days’ notice before funds may be redeemed prior to maturity:
  • Deposit for purchase of a family home or other property
  • Purchase of motor vehicles
  • Family vacations
  • Home renovations
  • Home repairs not a direct result of natural disaster
  • Time-limited investment or business opportunities, or
  • Any other purpose not considered by Westlawn as constituting financial hardship.

Applying for financial hardship

If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship and require funds from your Westlawn Unsecured Notes investment prior to the 31 day notice period elapsing, please contact us to discuss your situation. To apply for financial hardship, you will need to complete our Application for Early Redemption due to Financial Hardship form (and provide any supporting documentation where requested). This form is available at your Westlawn branch. We will assess your situation and let you know whether we can pay your withdrawal as soon as possible (usually within 48 business hours). Note: Redemptions of Westlawn's fixed-term investments prior to maturity are always at Westlawn’s discretion and Westlawn reserves the right to refuse requests for early redemption. An early redemption fee may apply as outlined in the prospectus. The early redemption fee will be determined by applying the interest rate applicable at the commencement date of the Note for the period of the investment until the date of redemption less a 0.25% reduction.

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