Prospectus, disclosures and reports – Westlawn Unsecured Notes


Unsecured Notes Prospectus No. 18
Download latest prospectus for the issue of Westlawn Unsecured Notes investments dated 4 December 2017.


Interest Rates sheets
Download latest Public Interest Rates sheet for Westlawn Unsecured Notes investments dated 13 March 2017.
Download latest Interest Rates sheet for sophisticated investors (Westlawn Access Unsecured Notes) dated 1 March 2017.


Report to the Trustee for the quarter ended 30 September 2018
Download Report to the Trustee for quarter ended 30 September 2018.


2018 Annual Report – Westlawn Finance Limited
Download 2018 Annual Report for Westlawn Finance Limited.


Benchmark Information dated 30 September 2018
Download Benchmark information dated 30 September 2018.


Applications can only be made on the form accompanying the current Prospectus Number 18 which was lodged with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission on 4 December 2017.
This Prospectus is available by contacting Westlawn Finance on 1300 937 852; by calling directly to any of our offices listed; or it can be downloaded from this website.
The Directors of Westlawn Finance Limited have decided not to obtain a credit rating and as such, no independent assessment has been made regarding the risk of investing with Westlawn Finance Limited and the risk that investors may lose some or all of their investment.
Investments with Westlawn Finance Limited are not bank deposits and therefore the government guarantee on deposits of up to $250,000 does not apply.