Spotlight on Consumer Credit Insurance: The Reality

There is a new group reviewing and driving reform of the ways that lenders and insurance companies sell Consumer Credit Insurance, after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s bank audit highlighted CCI as a primary area driving customer complaints.

Don’t Get Caught Underinsured — Protect Your Business

By Chris Dougherty, General Manager, Westlawn Insurance 30 April 2018 Unfortunately, many businesses these days are underinsured. While insurance premiums add consistent and significant amounts to a business’ costs, there are many more risks to smooth running of business than may be understood. Seek advice from a Westlawn Insurance Broker today.

Signing a new contract? Watch out for these clauses

By Chris Dougherty, Genereal Manager, Westlawn Insurance Indemnity and ‘hold harmless’ clauses are commonly contained in many construction contracts, professional services contracts and supply agreements. Here's how they can affect your business insurance.

Wet summer in the forecast: How to start preparing now

By Chris Dougherty, General Manager, Westlawn Insurance 30 October 2017 It’s looking more likely that a wet summer is on the cards this year as the BOM has recently upped the chances of a La Nina weather pattern forming over the Pacific.

Why you should make it a policy to know your insurance

By Chris Dougherty, General Manager, Westlawn Insurance 27 February 2017 How well do you understand your home insurance policy? Are you confident you're covered for the risks that might occur to your property? Do you know of any exclusions?