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Spotlight on Consumer Credit Insurance: The Reality

There is a new group reviewing and driving reform of the ways that lenders and insurance companies sell Consumer Credit Insurance, after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s bank audit highlighted CCI as a primary area driving customer complaints.

Don’t Get Caught Underinsured — Protect Your Business

By Chris Dougherty, General Manager, Westlawn Insurance 30 April 2018 Unfortunately, many businesses these days are underinsured. While insurance premiums add consistent and significant amounts to a business’ costs, there are many more risks to smooth running of business than may be understood. Seek advice from a Westlawn Insurance Broker today.

Empowering women with cash flow control

By Sarah Templeton, Westlawn Wealth Adviser SMSF Specialist Advisor™ 29 March 2018 Three steps to avoid financial stress and overwhelm, establish cash flow control and build a better financial future. Speak with Westlawn Wealth Adviser to take control of your finances.