For many years, the team at Westlawn in Grafton have enthusiastically participated in Jacaranda Thursday as part of Grafton’s annual Jacaranda Festival.

“We think it’s terrific to be able to support the Festival and what has been a great tradition in Grafton for many years,” said Westlawn Chairman Mike Dougherty.

Sarah Templeton, from Westlawn Wealth Management, is on the Jacaranda Festival Committee and is also a former Jacaranda Queen. “The Jacaranda Festival really belongs to the people of Grafton and it is what we make of it. It’s up to locals, businesses and stakeholders to stand up and take part in the Festival, to be involved and to make the best of the opportunity for the good of our community and our local economy,” she said.

Celebrating this year’s Jacaranda Thursday,  the Westlawn team went troppo with their performance of Westlawn Goes to Hawaii. View the videos on our YourWestlawn You Tube channel here.

Arriving in Hawaii

Heading straight to the bar

The Westlawn Hula Dancers

Elvis belts out a song on stage

…and woos the crowd

Westlawn Wally joins Elvis on the dancefloor

The Westlawn Beach Boys perform Kokomo

That’s where we wanna go …

…Way down to Kokomo

Westlawn performers pose for a group shot.

Westlawn Wally waves to the crowd watching the parade.

View the videos on our YourWestlawn You Tube channel here.

You can learn more about Grafton’s Jacaranda Festival here.