The 7 financial questions adult children need to ask their parents

By Liz Maroney, Westlawn Wealth Adviser
19 August 2014

Is it time you sat down and had a serious chat to your parents?

Well, perhaps not so much a serious chat as a friendly family discussion … about their finances in retirement and how the family’s assets will be passed onto future generations.

While we don’t like to contemplate life without our loved ones, having the conversation now could make all the difference for when the time inevitably arrives. Planning for the smooth distribution of assets now will help maintain family harmony throughout a difficult time.

And in the meantime, you want your parents to have the financial security to really enjoy their retirement. After all, they deserve it, right? Having put up with you throughout those difficult teenage years and quite possibly saving you a small fortune in free babysitting.

What to ask mum & dad

So, put the kettle on, sit down in a comfy chair, get relaxed and ask mum and dad these 7 crucial questions. It really won’t be as awkward as you might imagine.

1. How recently have you reviewed your investment portfolio with your advisor to ensure it reflects your risk tolerance and meets your retirement needs?

2. Does your financial plan provide sufficient cash flow to support your lifestyle in retirement? And have you made an allowance for any additional expenses such as medical costs or aged care?

3. Do you have appropriate Powers of Attorney in place for managing your finances and/or Health Directives if you’re no longer able to make your own decisions?

4. Do the Wills you have in place reflect your current wishes in regard to executors, distribution of your assets and any charitable donations you wish to make?

5. Do you have an estate plan in place that ensures your assets are passed onto future generations according to your wishes? Have you considered testamentary trusts for any child beneficiaries (or other family members who may not be in a position to act responsibly with any inheritance)?

6. Who are the key people involved in your financial affairs, such as your financial advisor, accountant and solicitor?

7. Where are your important documents stored and have you made clear instructions on how to manage your estate?

There, now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Your Westlawn Wealth Adviser can provide you and your family with advice on tax-effective estate planning to protect your family’s wealth for future generations. Contact us today on  02 6642 0433.

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